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Health enthusiast awards 2016 & 2017


Solas Integrated Health Inc. sponsors the Health Enthusiast Award every year in March for Nutrition Month, to recognize and congratulate those individuals who have either demonstrated years of effort by assuming a higher level of responsibility in order to improve their personal health, or have just begun a new path of health self -determination.


The award is given in recognition of their valuable contribution to the promotion of a healthier lifestyle, including the body, mind and spirit determinants of health and holistic medicine. As a result of their personal striving and learning, the recipients of this award have also shared their experiences and successes and influenced others, so they are additionally Ambassadors of Healthy Lifestyle Principles.


Throughout our over 30 years of practice in nutrition and massage therapy, we've learned that the foremost determinants of health are personal responsibility and involvement as well as a willingness, desire and commitment to long lasting lifestyle changes. The movement toward achieving new levels of optimum health is not a ‘trend’ and with the increasing levels of environmental toxicity and generalized poor food quality and food modification in North America, it is imperative that we become proactive in acquiring the correct information from qualified individuals and non-biased sources ,and take pro - active actions to improve our lives.


Since our focus so often is on illness, and a perceived helplessness when our symptoms get out of control, we want to reward those who reap the benefits of self-discipline and determination, particularly for those suffering from chronic ailments that mostly confuse modern medicine. Holistic medicine is an integrative, collaborative and preventative approach that ultimately lessens the need for crisis health care and one that particularly needs to become recognized and acknowledged as an integral part of the solutions and improvements needed in community health.


With education, guidance and health coaching, the mind, body, spirit factors that restore regulation and balance can be identified and successful self monitoring becomes possible over the long term.


The Solas Health Enthusiast Award is given to those individuals who have consistently worked at and enjoy improving their health, who have experienced the challenge of losing some habits and making new and improved lifestyle choices, who know that those choices are not a trend but a commitment and who inspire others to do the same. We also recognize their invaluable contribution to the promotion of a healthier lifestyle including the body, mind and spirit determinants of health and preventative medicine and leading by example as an Ambassador of Healthy Principles.


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