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Schedule an initial 120 minute appointment

in person or by phone 

by calling 902.245.6227 

and completing

the #1 General Health Questionnaire 

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Appointments & Health Questionnaires

These two complimentary health questionnaires will help us address the physical and energetic components of your current health status.  They are available when you subscribe by clicking below. 


When you complete and Submit the questionnaires, they are emailed to me. I will develop an assessment and personalized program toward making and managing changes to your health. Please read the Waiver and Policy document below before submitting.

           To access both health questionnaires select one at a time:



Please read before submitting these questionnaires


By submitting these questionnaires for assessment, I have agreed to the following:

  • I understand that the practitioners comply with the privacy regulations of their professional associations

  • I have knowingly provided my correct  and known medical information and current condition,  and I understand that it is my responsibility to update the practitioners on any changes to my condition or medications. 

  • I understand that there is no warranty or guarantee regarding  program outcomes. I understand that natural health care is a joint responsibility between me and the practitioner and may involve lifestyle changes.

  • I understand that  the information I receive is provided as education and suggestions, and that the practitioners do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

  • I understand that I am solely responsible for the consequences of any recommendations I choose to follow. I agree to hold harmless Solas Health for any decisions I make regarding my participation in any programs or consultations. 

  • I understand that this service is not an isolated system and that I may be referred to other practitioners.

  • I understand that the decision to discontinue prescription medications or any prescribed medical treatment is my responsibility. If I forgo standard medical treatment in favor of natural choices, I assume responsibility for any risk that may entail.

  • The submission of the Questionnaires attests to your acceptance of our Waiver and Policy.

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