Nutrition Therapy   


Nutrition programs may include an overall health assessment, as well as nutrition and general wellness programs. This program may involve dietary changes and the use of nutritional,  herbal or homeopathic supplementation to target the underlying factors that may be contributing to your current condition. These sessions are ideally suited to address issues related to food intolerance, digestive disturbances, fatigue, weight management, inflammation, and pain management.


Nutrition Therapy may include...


  • Recommending food selection and preparation

  • A program for weight normalization

  • Evaluation of nutrient deficiencies or excesses

  • Food supplement recommendation

  • Education about the benefits of a sound nutritional program to encourage regulation, regeneration and healing

  • Designing a personalized program, specific to your individual biochemistry and the factors affecting your health


Our Health Enthusiast Testimonials....


Just wanted to touch base again and let you know my daughter went for another couple day sleep over at her grandparents and came back again without getting sick! So the first time wasn’t just a fluke haha (not that I thought it was lol). Just so happy she seems to be so much healthier now! Thank you so much again for your help and expertise" S.M.  Digby  July 2020


"Hi, Nella

Some good news! Had my cholesterol checked at the Pharmasave this am and it has gone from 7.4 to 5.2. HDL is 2.3 and LDL is 2.8. Ratio is 1.2. That is amazing! I took 2 Sterol 117 each day and I took bitters every day until the bottle was empty"....GB  Yarmouth