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may be in your genes

In 480 BC, Hippocrates noted that “positive health requires knowledge of man’s primary constitution”. This was just an ancient way of saying that we cannot achieve optimum health without knowing about our genes. We now know that specific variations in our genes can explain how we will respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume.


Comprehensive genetic test consisting

  of 70 genetic markers

• Developed by world-renowned researchers.

• Genetic tests are based on the most robust scientific evidence.

• DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva or cheek swab sample.

• Personalized recommendations developed based on your unique genetic profile.

• Contact Solas and  get started and eat according to your genes!

Nutrigenomix package includes:

  • Genetic test and print out

  • Meal Plan

  • Assessment appointment

  • Follow up


Media: Read this - CTV NEWS  DNA test helps people understand how your genetic profile interacts with food

Nutrigenomix DNA Test Package

Qualify for our 6 month

Payment Plan / $100/pe​r month

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