• Description: Digestive Enzymes: Enzyme therapy post exercise
  • Indications: Broad-spectrum, proteolytic enzyme formulation from animal and plant sources including porcine pancreatin (100 mg/tab), bromelain (50 mg), papain (50 mg), trypsin and alpha chymotrypsin (100 mg), lipase, amylase and the vegetable culture antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (10 mcg each) for systemic inflammation, tissue damage, arthritis, atherosclerosis, phlebitis, free radical conditions, food sensitivities, and poor circulation due to inflammation or atherosclerosis
  • Ingredients: Each tablet supplies:
  • Pancreatin 4X (from porcine) 100 mg
  • Bromelain 50 mg
  • Papain 50 mg
  • Trypsin & Alpha Chymotrypsin (from porcine) 100 mg
  • Superoxide Dismutase (from vegetable culture) 10 mcg
  • Catalase (from vegetable culture) 10 mcg
  • Suggestion: 10 tablets immediately with acute injury or as directed, then 5 tablets four times daily in between meals or on an empty stomach for three days.
  • Then reduce to 4 tablets three times daily on an empty stomach until inflammation and swelling abates or as directed.
  • For chronic cases, 3-4 tablets three times daily on an empty stomach or as directed.

Biotics Research Intenzyme Forte ( proteolytic enzymes) 100 tablets

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