No Preservatives! Hypovitaminosis osteoporosis osteoarthritis parathyroid dysfunction diastolic hypotension calcium magnesium synergist free radical issues bone healing neuromuscular disease house-bound anti-inflammatory autoimmune diseases

Quantity: 1 fl. oz. (29.57 ml) 720 drops per bottle

Description: Vitamin D Microemulsified for complete uptake and absorption­­ (in the form of cholecalciferol) ­1,000 IU per drop extracted from Lamb's wool. NO PRESERVATIVES!
A study using our product at 2,000 IU daily for 6 weeks achieved an average increase of 202% in serum 25 (OH) vitamin D levels. (see PDF attached)

Biotics Research Bio-D Mulsion 1000 iu Liquid 720 drops per bottle

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