Make a cup  of your favourite beverage, relax.

  • Complete the HealthQuestionnaires by selecting the appropriate tab. 
  • Submit the forms.
  • Once I receive your completed forms by email, we will schedule a telephone or zoom appointment time, to discuss the assessments and learn about the root causes of your current symptoms. 
  • Allow for 90 to 120 minutes of time for our session.
  • Be prepared to answer and ask questions related to your assessment results.
  • A protocol will be designed for you that creates a path toward making immediate and long term changes. 

Your first appointment includes 6 hours of follow up questions and check ins. 

Appointment ~ Nutrition Coaching 120 minutes Complete Assessment & Protocol

  • Nutrition Programs with Nella Pidutti include an overall health assessment, as well as nutrition and general wellness programs. This approach may involve dietary changes, referrals to other supportive treatments and vitamin, mineral or herbal supplementation to target the underlying factors that may be contributing to your current condition.

    Ideally suited to address issues related to food intolerance, digestive disturbances, fatigue, weight management, inflammation, and pain management. 

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