Through my business, Solas Integrated Health, I  have always offered the highest level of customized care possible. My mission, solidified over 40 years of experience, is one of service and commitment. Throughout my years in practice I've learned that the greatest determinants of health are involvement, responsibility, willingness, desire and commitment. I want to help you get into the best shape of your life by providing guidance and effective choices for your new level of  self-empowerment: one where you learn to identify the factors that help you to regulate  your health. 



I know how confusing the natural supplement and food industry can be.  I also know that including multiple treatments to repair and restore the musculoskeletal system or to re-establish cellular health with sound nutrition programs  can be expensive. So, my goal is to help you simplify your path toward achieving long lasting optimum wellness, affordably and with as little stress as possible. My overall focus is on the basic structural, nutritional, detoxification and subtle energy needs of the body.



Our programs are based on a return to the foundation principles of  nutrition, while incorporating advancements in nutritional science and research. We've developed  techniques that narrow down the body, mind and spiritual causes of your imbalances. We use only the highest quality products and we manufacture our own formulas that  address overall repair, regeneration and healing. Your solutions depend on your participation, with our support, guidance and expertise. 

To book an appointment for

Nutrition Counselling call Nella at 

902.247.3073 or  902.245.6227


Therapeutic MASSAGE

Additionally, Registered Massage Therapist Eliza Desmarais RMT, has developed musculoskeletal techniques that immediately address the acute and chronic core issues, reducing the required length of overall treatment, allowing  you to return to your functional state faster. Medical massage, relaxation massage and various other types of body work, increase circulation and  lymphatic drainage.

To book an appointment for therapeutic massage call Eliza at

902.308.9425  or  902.245.6227



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..."This is a wonderful, caring place that allows flexibility in their schedule to meet my schedule. They are caring, respectful and are always looking out for their client's needs." J.O.


"...Always grateful to you Nella! Will never forget how our meeting changed the course of my life in the most positive way."  MP  Montreal


Disclaimer: Statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada.   Products offered and their descriptions as well as treatment modalities are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease. Consult with a physician or health practitioner before starting any protocols.

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